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tarot readings

Recently when I have been telling people about The Wootique, the first question I'm asked is "do you do tarot readings"? The answer is... I'm thinking about offering tarot readings at some point in the future. At the moment the shop is taking up most of my time (thank you so much for your support!) and also another little project is also beginning to take shape - The Wootique is going to become a real life destination! Yes, in October 2021 you will be able to come and try the cards out for yourself at Backyard Market on Brick Lane, East London (Sunday, 10am-5pm). I cannot wait to see you in person (and also may pull a few cards to pass the time). 

If you would be interested in a tarot reading please leave a comment below so that I know. Thank you, friends. Until next time...

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  • I was literally just looking around your site to see if you had a physical shop anywhere in London (I’m here for the day and would’ve loved to be able to drop by and buy a deck in person :D). Still, it’s great to hear that this is something that’ll happen in the near future! And many thanks for having such a lovely shop in the first place :)


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