What's going on with The Wootique?


Miranda from The Wootique

Hello friends, how is the world treating you? Well I hope. As you may have seen over the past few months I have been diversifying a little with The Wootique.

While it will always be an indie tarot and oracle store first and foremost, because of the way things are with Meta (that's Facebook and Instagram) - practically banning any adverts featuring tarot (mine are either not approved or get piddly views for the pound) and only showing posts to a tiny percentage of followers, plus all the scammers putting people off, I need other ways of getting the word out about the shop, and also finding new friends who may not know about The Wootique but love all things divination!

Hence the Magic Collection; a shelf in the virtual shop dedicated to gorgeous gifts for yourself or others, from the delicious crystal bar soaps to the witchy 8th House planet and moon candles and even tarot-based home fragrances! Make sure you check it out here

In addition I have been making a few Youtube videos (I'll admit, not my forte and so far have been disturbed by my dog barking and the doorbell ringing!) and I've also started a Patreon page for things like discount codes, random giveaways (although I'm not allowed to call them that apparently, thanks Patreon gods) and also links to sin bin seconds sales and decks from my own collection I may be moving on... plus other bits and bobs. Both channels are called The Wootique. Maybe see you there.

Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting the shop and hope this forthcoming solar eclipse brings good things your way.

Big love, Miranda

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