Change is on the way at The Wootique

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Change is in the air at The Wootique as I'm having to streamline the way the shop operates. This is largely to do with me getting a more full on job and having less time but also to make sure that the shop can continue to trade in the current economic climate.

So there will still be fabulous new tarot and oracle decks available at a fraction of the shipping and customs prices, but they will largely be 'pre-orders' in that you will be able to order upfront then I will place the order with the creator and they will arrive in 2-3 weeks (or longer if it is a brand new title). Please check the product pages for specifics as I will always estimate a time of arrival. And of course keep you updated via email if there are any unexpected delays.

The second change that I am planning is to close the Magic Collection (RIP witchy gifts and accessories) and launch the Community Collection. I get so many requests to stock amazing decks but I simply don't have the capital to buy in all the stock I would purchase in an ideal world. So I will be inviting creators to sell from the Community Collection under sale or return terms, which will increase the variety of tarot, oracle and lenormand decks I can carry in the shop. Very excited about this as already have three new decks agreed, and they are great! If you are an artist/creator interested in having a space in the Community Collection please email me on

As ever the shop will continue to evolve I expect - I'm a Scorpio sun with Leo moon and rising so I thrive on burning it down AND following all my crazy ideas... thank you for continuing to support a small business!

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  • Change is good Miranda. And we will always try our best to support you in whatever you do x


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