The Wootique Writes...

  • Change is on the way at The Wootique

    Change is in the air at The Wootique as I'm having to streamline the way the shop operates. 
  • The Wootique Social - a magnificent tarot community event

    A massive thank you to everyone who came from far and wide to attend the first Wootique Social in London at the weekend.
  • Introducing The Wootique Studio

    On the day of the new moon in Aries I was offered a kind of crazy opportunity to rent a small studio right by a central line tube station in east London.
  • The great tarot gathering - AKA The Wootique Socials

    Friends, let us gather for an afternoon of tea, cake and tarot and chat. I thought it would be lovely for tarot enthusiasts who are able to travel to London to meet for a few hours
  • Book Review: Will You Give Me A Reading?

    Let's face it, tarot books can be really dry. Either they are directories of card meanings, or possibly high brow studies of symbols or correspondences. What I wanted was a book about what it feels like to be a tarot reader, and to answer some of the questions I have as a tarot reader for others 
  • I learned tarot in a haunted house...

    I (hilariously) appeared in the December edition of Fate and Fortune magazine, telling the tale of how I was a teen learning tarot in a haunted house
  • Help... I don't understand the Justice card in tarot

    In the second of my series exploring the most ambiguous or not-as-straightforward-as-it looks tarot cards of the major arcana, we are taking a look at the Justice card.
  • Book review: Witchy Books for Winter

    January is a very good month (regardless of your beliefs) to hibernate. Eat root veggies, drink hot tea, curl up under a warm blanket and read lots of books. The following are three books I recommend for wintering this year...
  • Calling all mystical beings...

    As some of you may know I was a writer in a previous incarnation (ie the 90s) and I miss it very much...
  • Multiple Knights, Queens and Kings in a tarot reading

    Do you find the tarot court cards confusing? What if there are lots of court cards in a tarot reading? Is there a special meaning to three kings or two queens? Check out A E Waite's definitions for multiple knights, queens or kings in your spread...
  • Multiple tens or pages in a tarot reading

    What do three pages in a tarot reading mean? Are two tens in a reading significant? Rider Waite Smith tarot author A E Waite thought so, here are his definitions and for reversed cards too...
  • Multiple sevens, eights and nines in a tarot reading

    Do you suspect there may be some significance to double eights or four sevens in your tarot readings? Rider Waite Smith tarot author Arthur Waite thought so too. Here are his observations for multiples of sevens, eights and nines in tarot... and the reversed meanings too