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  • Shipping update - tracked parcels only

    After having some items go astray in the post this holiday season I have decided to offer just one postage rate - for tracked/signed for shipping. 
  • Meet the Midnight City Tarot creator

    What happened when Midnight City creator Jackie Franco had a 'total Tower moment' and lost all her drawings? And find out what additional major arcana card could make its way into the second edition..
  • How To Shuffle Tarot Cards

    The most important part of making any form of tarot reading is ensuring the tarot deck is properly shuffled. Not only is this important to ensure t...
  • Meet Sea Witch Tarot creator Willow Whiteraven

    The artist behind the mythical sea and underworld themed Sea Witch Tarot, Willow Whiteraven, gives us a glimpse of the process behind the creation,...
  • Who Were The Pendle Witches?

    There were two families caught up in the Pendle case, both of whom were headed up by elderly widows - Anne Whittle (or Old Chattox, as she was known) and Elizabeth Southern (or Old Demdike).
  • Behind the Ink Witch Tarot - meet the artist

    Welcome to a new series where we ask the artists who created the decks about their creative process, thoughts on tarot and more. First, it's Eric Maille, inventor of the Ink Witch Tarot deck and also The Paper Oracle Lenormand deck...
  • Do you do tarot readings?

    Recently when I have been telling people about The Wootique, the first question I'm asked is "do you do tarot readings"?
  • What do I do with my tarot cards?

    What are tarot cards for anyway? Can they read the future? Or are they just telling you what you need to hear? And do you need to be magic to use them?
  • Subscribe for discounts and free stuff!

    Hello friends, well we have had an awesome launch week, thank you so much for your support (and for also reporting some teething issues with the website). We hope everything is running smoothly now but if not please let us know
  • Hello friends, welcome to The Wootique

    If you have found yourself here, it's likely you have some magical tendencies and an interest in tarot, oracle cards and other divination delights. Guess what? Me too!