Help! I don't understand.... The Judgement Card in Tarot

I was curious which tarot cards people found ambiguous or difficult to read, so I conducted a (not) very official poll on The Wootique's Instagram. In reverse order, the tarot cards people find most difficult to read are:

The Court Cards (see my separate post about this and also my YouTube video)



...and Judgement.

I was really interested by this as Judgement is one of my favourite cards in the major arcana - it can make or break a deck purchase with its depiction. The classic dead rising from the grave on the day of reckoning is a bit dark, I prefer the more 'transformational' imagery of Judgement, such as the moth leaving its chrysalis in the Way Home Tarot.

But wait, transformation I hear you say, is that not Death's job? Well Death is Death right? Death is the end. But every end has some kind of new beginning, and in some modern tarot decks, Death is named Transformation, because people generally prefer to look on the bright side of things. However, I digress.

I can see how people get Judgement confused with other tarot major arcana cards. I always read Judgement as a time you will be called to reflect on your current circumstances and how you got to where you are.

I read it as a time where "Shirley Valentine" moments may happen where you get a sudden insight or 'now or never' feeling about writing that book, or living in a van, or anything else which could be said to be your soul's purpose. It's the this could be the last opportunity to correct your course feeling. Dead end relationship? Ditch them. Owning your sexuality or disowning your family's religion? All big Judgement energy.

In 2020 I pulled Judgement more than any other card. It was my 'card of the year' for 2021. Things have changed significantly in my life since then (mostly my own doing), and I no longer wonder what I want to do with the rest of my life. That is the gift of Judgement. 

Leave me a comment below - how do you interpret the Judgement card?


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