Help... I don't understand the Justice card in tarot

In the second of my series exploring the most ambiguous or not-as-straightforward-as-it looks tarot cards of the major arcana, we are taking a look at the Justice card.

Let me just drop this disclaimer, that these musings are solely from my own experience as a tarot reader over the last <cough> lots of years. I have read some books on symbolism and some of it has stuck in my neurodivergent brain but it does fight for space with all the other billions of lists in there. So this is not really a dictionary of meanings, rather a reflection on my gathered knowledge.

Justice card from The Tarot of Oneness

So, Justice. The card that some refer to as 'the karma card', of reaping what you sow, the 'rule of three' (that whatever magic you send out into the world it will come back to you threefold, therefore be careful who you hex). That makes sense. I read it as 'be mindful of the consequences of your actions in the situation you are asking about, because you may have more influence on the outcome than you are currently able to envision'.

Of course, as most Justice cards in a tarot deck have imagery depicting Lady Justice (blindfolded as justice has no bias and holding a sword of truth) or some other judicial-looking figure or accessory, it makes sense that Justice is about fairness, the law and the truth - so you can expect to face some kind of facts about your situation whether you like it or not. It can also mean you are not taking accountability for your actions or that you feel wronged. The surrounding cards should give an indication of how this can be rectified. 

From a "fortune teller" or predictive reading perspective, Justice often shows up when there are contracts to be signed, official ceremonies such as marriage or divorce in the offing, a need to balance the financial books or that the seeker is someone who may have a work dispute ongoing. Sometimes it can literally mean someone who works in or around the law, social justice, accountancy or other job which requires scrupulous attention to detail and recording of facts.

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