How can I reconnect with my tarot cards?

ritual tarot by Tiera May

Tarot, like any practice, is an easy one to let slide. Life gets in the way, we may not feel as connected to our spiritual side when dealing with the bills and news of the world. And sometimes you may want to take a break from using your tarot decks - and that's okay!

But what if you miss the ritual, the comfort and the guidance offered by a regular tarot consultation and want to 'get the vibe' back? Here are a few tips which have helped me when I thought me and the tarot might never get back together...


1. Find some space
Sounds obvious, but if your mind is too busy with daily hustle and bustle, you won't be as able to connect to your inner voice and intuition. So find a time to day dream a little. No screens, no other people. Just you and your thoughts. Walking counts. Meditation counts. Give yourself time to decompress.

2. Go back to the old faithfuls
Lots of us have many beautiful tarot and oracle decks, and some find having a large collection can be overwhelming. I have even felt 'guilty' for not using some of my tarot library enough, which is wild - tarot isn't going to sulk if you don't pick it up. My advice is keep it simple. Go back to your old faithful, your first or most loved tarot. Just forget about the others for a while.

3. Create a ritual
Some people find that a cleansing ritual or tidying up their space/collection and re-energising the area you usually read in to be helpful. You could try some pathworking - that is meditating on the pictures in the cards to imagine a story unfolding within. Some people find journaling about their practice to be helpful in kick starting the intuition. Mix it up a bit and try something new.

4. Read for others
Reading tarot for others (even if it is a collective reading online or for your friends) is energising. It literally commands your connection to the cards to jump start. Remember that feeling of 'knowing' what the message is in a spread and relaying it to another person who is nodding and saying "yes!" This is the beauty of helping others via tarot, its value is not to be underestimated.

5. If all else fails...
Come back another day! The tarot has been in my life for decades, it patiently waits to be picked up again, no strings attached.

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