How to use tarot cards for self care

The two of swords tarot represents indecision or a choice


In these times of stress and worry, it has never been more important to take care of yourself. By now most of us understand that to reduce anxiety and low mood we can take a walk in the fresh air or make an effort to eat more healthily. Meditation and mindfulness is also good for mental health. But more people now are turning to the cards to bring them a sense of peace. These are a few ways to use the tarot for self care...

Some tarot readers like to pull cards for self-care and that of course is an option, except if you are likely to feel worse or more anxious if you pull one of the more challenging cards; the devil or the ten of swords for example. If you do use tarot in this way to get to the root of your feelings and frustrations, I suggest making a few notes about how pulling that card made you feel, and how you re-framed it as a learning experience, eg 'the devil card is trying to tell me that I'm obsessing over someone and it's unhealthy, what can I do to turn my attention elsewhere?'

The way I generally use tarot and oracle cards in my self care practice is to intentionally pick a card for the day or week, and then use it as part of a display. If you have an altar then great, but if not a bedside table or shelf will do. Write on a small piece of paper what energy you want to draw from that card, for example, the knight of wands would represent to me stopping procrastination with a task, or feeling more confident in approaching someone. When you put the paper with the card, take a few minutes to sit and imagine just that scenario, with the best outcome possible happening. Feel the feel good feelings when you accomplish that task, or have that conversation. Let those good feelings carry you through the rest of the day.

Another way I use tarot and oracle cards to lift my mood or get over a difficult day is to choose or draw a card, put some music on and then start doodling on a plain sheet of paper. Patterns, shapes, animals, plants and flowers, planets, mystical beasts, anything! I include key words, phrases anything which comes to mind when I look at the card. Then I start colouring everything in, Not only is this a calming activity, you can look back later at what was coming up from your subconscious in relation to the cards' imagery or meaning, nothing is completely random, they say. Plus, drawing and doodling is a great way of meditating for those who cannot meditate!

I hope you find these tips useful, let me know how you use your cards for wellbeing and self care in the comments. Wishing you a peaceful week.

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