Multiple Knights, Queens and Kings in a tarot reading

It can be a curious thing to see multiples of a card show up in a tarot reading and as a general rule, the more of a particular number increases the general energies surrounding that card, for example, lots of aces in a tarot reading would point to a very important new change or idea and lots of threes in a reading could mean expansion of projects, noteworthy collaborations and a project taking off in a big way.

Arthur E Waite, author of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck was fascinated by this recurrence of numbers in readings, and developed his own meanings which were published in the Pictoral Key To The Tarot. You may find you develop your own personal messages when multiple cards appear (I see two aces as a big purchase or a lucky break not trickery as he did), but for now let's look at Waite's observations...


2 Knights - Intimacy

2 Knights reversed - Being susceptible/gullible 

3 Knights - Lively debate

3 Knights reversed - a fight

4 Knights - Serious matters

4 Knights reversed - Alliance


2 Queens - Sincere friends

2 Queens reversed - work

3 Queens - Deception

3 Queens reversed - Gluttony

4 Queens - Great debate

4 Queens reversed - Bad company


2 Kings - seek counsel

2 Kings reversed - projects

3 Kings - Consultation

3 Kings reversed - Commerce

4 Kings - Great honour

4 Kings reversed - Great speed


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