Tarotscopes for Cancer Season

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Without giving too much away, it’s interesting that the cards I drew for messages for the Cancer season tipped in favour of the feminine, gentle energies which are associated with this zodiac sign. Cancer falls in my 12th house and I also have Saturn placed there (I know, bring on the violins) and so July can be an introspective month for me.

Let’s see what the cards have to say about your month. Instead of looking up your sun sign, choose a number from 1-5 for the TRIUMPHS of the season, and another number from 1-5 for the CHALLENGES and then scroll down to reveal the message you chose. Please leave a comment below if they resonated!

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  1. Temperance and Judgement

All talk and no action is definitely not on the cards for you folks this month. Something you have been meticulously planning or dreaming of can come to fruition this month. It may involve a big change, but is also more than likely to be a realigning of your priorities to your feelings and desires.

  1. Justice and Queen of Swords

You have a commanding presence this month, so use it wisely and for the higher good. Some of you may be receiving something due to you; an apology, return of a loan or a promotion. There is an element of protecting what’s yours this month, don’t let anyone run you down or treat you with contempt. If they do – off with their heads!

  1. Five of cups, Queen of Pentacles

I feel like this could be something you realise is failing to live up to your expectations. Like an expensive rose bush that got covered with aphids and died. All is not lost, however I feel that whatever this experience is or was, that didn’t blossom as you’d planned will be for the best in the longer term. Plus there are benefits you have not even seen yet. The cup is still half full.

  1. Six of cups and The World

A lovely trip to somewhere meaningful could be on the cards for you this month, I feel it could be almost like a pilgrimage, perhaps to a place you’ve only read about, a magical place or somewhere that you know and feel most relaxed in. If this is not on the cards already, why not make a plan?

  1. Queen of wands and ten of cups

Wahey you are ON FIRE this month, parties, celebrations, winnings – all could be coming your way or more likely, orchestrated by you. You are feeling the fire reawaken possibly after a period of self doubt or anxiety. Feel powerful like the queen of wands and make some magic happen this month.



  1. King of cups and two of cups

I don’t read reversals generally, but I feel like this King in the challenges position could be read reversed. It feels like an energy of someone wanting to throw their toys out of the pram about something, just to be difficult! Can you resolve any communication issues this month without making an emotional mountain out of a molehill?

  1. Eight of wands reversed and seven of pentacles

Sorry folks, this is a combination of going nowhere fast this Cancer season, which may not be such a bad thing, no one needs to rush around at a million miles an hour all the time. A sense of frustration may follow you this month but remember to breathe through it. Nothing lasts forever.

  1. Ten of cups and six of pentacles

How can the ten of cups be a negative card I hear you ask? Well I do see it in a challenges position when someone is not really appreciating all that they already have, or opportunities which are being overlooked. With the six of pentacles here, do be careful not to miss out on a good thing this month. Consider all invitations and offers carefully.

  1. Eight of cups and the Emperor

Oh do you want to just sack it all off this month and run away? Me too! The eight asks you to look at where structures, routines or even people or your own restrictions you may have placed on yourself are no longer working in a way they perhaps once did. You don’t have to abandon them altogether, just consider a reorganisation so that you can benefit more.

  1. Ace of pentacles and the Hanged Man

Well, we all may need to look at our financial commitments in a different way considering the current cost of living crisis, but maybe this is more a warning to wait and see before throwing money at a project or expense. Things may become clearer after Cancer season.


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