Tarotscopes for Gemini season


A little late but just in time for the new moon in Gemini, here are your tarotscopes for the season of the twins. As an air sign, Gemini governs communication in all forms, ideas and inventions. It also rules the nervous system and represents duality in this mortal life. Therefore these tarotscopes are based loosely on your mind, ideas and relationships in the coming month. 

Instead of choosing your astrological sign, choose a number from 1-5 for your TRIUMPHS of this season and another number from 1-5 for your CHALLENGES, then scroll down to receive the messages from the cards. This month I used Tarot by Caro (in main picture)



1. Temperance and the Ace of Cups
This does look like a smoothing over of any relationship issues this month, you find a way to communicate your needs so the other person can truly understand. As long as you are aiming for loving and moderate discussions this month, the cards say you can expect an abundance of love.

2. The Devil and the Four of Swords
This month you may feel like congratulating yourself for kicking that habit or thought process which was keeping you up at night. Bye bye anxiety. I feel like you may hit upon some outside resource that can assist with this, such as a meditation app that doesn't drive you mad or a book with useful tips. After turmoil comes rest, enjoy.

3. King of Cups and the Nine of Wands
Although you may still be going through it, the King of Cups is that spiritual manly pat on the back or squeezy hug that lets you know you can do it. Nothing lasts forever, change is on the way. The only way out is through but you have divine guidance with you this month. Listen out for your intuition.

4. Knight of Swords and the Two of Swords
This month a breakthough is on the way. Something which has been held up (cheers Mercury retrograde) finally gets moving. It may surprise you, the speed at which an issue is resolved. There is a lot of air energy here, think of it as your plans being carried along on the wind, as a kite on a breezy day. Be free!

5. Four of Wands and the High Priestess
You may be called to speak at an event or otherwise communicate your knowledge in some capacity this month, and I feel that this is a more beneficial move than you realise. Even if it is just putting the record straight with someone or deciding to become a celebrant; something about your words reaching others this month could be a key to unlocking your future.



1. Two of Pentacles and the Nine of Swords
Woah this looks like you worrying about managing a situation successfully this month. But the two of pentacles is capable and they are handling it. Spin those plates. If it helps, write down your concerns before you go to sleep, or talk to someone else, share the burden, there is help available if you ask,

2. Nine of Cups and Ace of Pentacles
I see this combination as a warning against impulsive spending. Almost like hitting the credit card when you already have all that you need. The challenge for you this month may be buying your way out of a funk, so just be aware when you hit the shops...

3. Justice reversed and the Six of Pentacles

You may be feeling that a money decision has gone the wrong way or that you have not got what you rightfully deserve, something is not fair. Alternatively you may be raging about society's unfairness (aren't we all). How can you deal with your anger about this in a productive way and channel it into something beneficial for you and your community?

4. King of Swords and The Tower
I see these cards when someone is being a stubborn goat (sorry!) and holding their position against what may be good advice. My way or the highway! The Tower is here to remind us that we are a tiny speck, floating on a giant space rock in a trazillion-mile wide universe. Maybe you will have to back down this month on something before the decision is taken out of your hands.

5. Ten of Swords and Ace of Wands
Your advice this month is to let that shit go. Really let it go. Put it to bed. Because what comes after you have managed to process whatever argument or belief that is holding you back will give you the energy you have been missing. As one door closes, another one opens is so very true. So shut that door and see what happens. 


I hope you enjoyed my tarotscopes for Gemini season! Please leave a comment below (it may not show up immediately as they go through a moderator system). Big love, Miranda

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