Tarotscopes - For Taurus Season

Welcome my friends, to the season of the bull. This month I invite you to choose a number from 1-5 for your Triumphs of the month, and another from 1-5 for those pesky challenges. Scroll down for your messages, around the theme of work, home and pleasure...

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1. Two of wands and six of wands
There is a message about teaming up with a new work contact or study buddy to achieve the results you desire this month, heck there's even a feeling that you *knew* it was all going to work out better than expected. If you are not working or studying, an unexpected meeting of minds may lead you into new fruitful paths this season.


2. Strength and five of cups
You are coming out of a tricky situation, where there may have been some element of loss involved, but by your own fortitude you prevented it being as bad as it could have been. This month sees your focus shift to acknowledging your tenacity and courage, your ability to keep on going, be proud of yourself for coming this far.


3. Two of pentacles and Death

I don't know about you but this year has been all sorts of difficult, for various many reasons. This combination shows you putting a stop to unnecessary work, collaborations, responsibilities that may have been foisted on you in the last few months. It's time to reclaim some space for you, and this month you will get to feel some peace at last.


4. Ten of wands and seven of wands

Taureans are known as the stubborn sign of the zodiac and this month, the cards want you to dig your heels in and say no when it comes to taking on more of your fair share of jobs, shifts or favours for others. You are not the beast of burden. If you are struggling with a heavy workload and unable to let go for whatever reason, these cards point to a break coming in the near future. Book that annual leave!


5. Three of cups and the hanged man

For the rest of April and the three weeks of May which is Taurus season, the cards want you to do a bit of what you fancy! A party, gathering, delicious meal shared with friends, or a course which broadens your horizons. There is an element of attending a gathering for healing purposes, which would be very beneficial for you this month.




1. Knight of cups, queen of cups
When I saw this I thought about someone being pestered a lot, asked for their advice or to provide a lot of emotional support to someone who lacks confidence. Of course you are in the position to provide this, but make sure you are not neglecting your own needs in order to look after others this month.


2. Three of wands, king of wands

At work, watch out for someone who may want to barge in and be a bit controlling about how they think your work should be done. They may be the sort to take all the credit, so make sure you put your name on everything or even better - tell those that matter first! You have great ideas this Taurus season, make sure you write them down.


3. Four of wands, eight of pentacles

I feel this may be to do with you not being given the recognition you deserve at work, are you being overlooked for a pay rise or promotion? Eight of pentacles says you have the skills in demand - this month how can you blow your own trumpet a bit more? Don't be down on your achievements, it looks as if you have plenty.


4. The world and four of swords

I'm seeing someone who is still running even though they finished the race. Is that you? There is a message here to take it easy, the job is done for now, so take a day off, Roadrunner! Bodies and minds need time to re-charge, your challenge will be staying still long enough to allow that nourishment to happen. Be content, be calm, watch the clouds go by. 


5. Five of cups and six of swords

This month, you may be challenged to leave something behind which is no longer serving you. You may feel reluctant at first to do this, after all it may have worked very well in the past. You may be offered a glimpse of something better, if only you can make a leap of faith. Will you?


I hope you enjoyed this month's Tarotscopes! Remember you can book a personal tarot reading with me in the Readings and Reiki section. Big love, Miranda



  • Great messages! I loved the ones I recieved! Thank you 🥳

  • Great messages! I loved the ones I recieved! Thanks so much 🥳!


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